The Ice Storm Cometh!

Posted on Dec 13, 2013 in Blog

In the wee hours of Friday morning, December 6, a bristling storm galloped breathlessly through Dallas.  This ill-tempered weather would have been acceptable–even losing power would have been tolerated–but darn if a couple of our tree limbs didn’t fall from the sky and land on power, land, and cable/internet lines.

We love our trees.  They’re old growth and majestic, towering beyond 40 feet into the sky, providing a cooling canopy throughout the long, hot summer.  And this in Dallas!   But when they shed their limbs, it’s like having an entire tree fall over.  And thus, the weight of the limbs, with +one-foot girths, took out our fence (not so terrible), and summarily ripped the wires and meter off the house, along with some of miscellaneous fascia trim.

Kudos to our intrepid electricians, who worked all weekend to make us whole before the electric company figured out we were really so down for the count. Who knows how much longer we would have been out if they disconnected us at the pole!

So, at the most, we were inconvenienced.  We found a hotel that catered to big boy dogs (Theo The Bear weighing in at 92 lbs at last scaling), provided internet service, and served hearty breakfasts (far more than what we would prepare for ourselves!).  After 3 days of “camping” out, service was restored, although today we’re still dealing with the flotsam and jetsam of dead cables sprawling through the yard and a fence in need of a mend.   Yet, no serious damage, no living creature was injured, and we had insurance.  I’m not complaining.  Not one bit.

ice storm


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